March 2024

CRSPR Illustration

This CRSPR illustration is a perfect example of why I love working in higher education. In order to be a great designer, we have to understand every detail about a topic so that we can make it make sense to the audience or viewer. Every project I work on is an opportunity to learn something about a new subject area. I’ve had to research and understand stem cells, learn about phylogeny, dive into UW’s involvement in World War I, and attend a roller derby! Everyday is different and it’s fun to learn about topics I’d otherwise never come across. CRSPR is certainly something that I had to ask a lot about. We toured a CRSPR lab, asked questions of the scientists, and worked closely with them throughout this entire process to make sure I was properly designing this piece. The colors of the base pairs, and the DNA strand “splitting apart” were designed to accurately express what’s at play with CRSPR technology.

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