March 2024

School of Music Campaign

Double majoring allows students to explore multiple academic interests, gain a broader knowledge base, and potentially enhance their career prospects by acquiring skills and expertise in more than one field. A quarter of all US students and a third of all UW undergrads declare double majors.

The Mead Witter School of Music is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend. Situated in a university with a wide range of majors and subjects, Music is one of the largest departments within the College of Letters and Science. Paired with its focus on innovation and exploration, flexible programs, and a global approach, there is tremendous opportunity to recruit students all over campus to add a music major.

The Mead Witter School of Music enlisted University Marketing’s assistance in supporting this initiative by providing creative campaign strategy and materials that would leverage the existing Music School visuals and align with the UW–Madison brand. The “double major” campaign is geared towards new and prospective students and hopes to raise awareness of music as a viable, enriching, and practical option for the double major.

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